Immerse Yourself In A New Reality. 

We create captivating metaverse events, conferences and spaces for your organisation. 

Technology made it easier for us to stay connected while keeping a distance, but as time went on we stayed distant and felt less connected...

...until now.

Virtual interaction is evolving in ways you couldn't have possibly imagined.

The Future Of Spatial Events

Our Metaverse Mission

You don't want to be limited by physical access to meeting spaces and it's important to keep your location independence.

In the same breath, it is essential for us all to have meaningful interactions beyond what is possible with video conferencing systems.

MetaHub's mission is to give you the best of both worlds.

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Crafting Virtual Spaces For Your Meet Ups

MetaHub uses the latest cutting-edge visualisation technology to craft metaverse environments that immerse your team in a custom virtual meeting hub.

When participating in a metaverse world you are able to experience the space, interact with objects, share knowledge, be creative, facilitate conversations and connect with people similar to how you would in a physical space.

However, we can design almost every aspect of a metaverse, giving us the capacity to do much more than we can in the physical environment.

More Engaging

Participants have a 27% higher emotional reaction to Virtual Reality content in comparison to 2D content.

'Bye' To Zoom Fatigue

Virtual Reality content is engaged with for 34% longer than 2D and 16% longer than 360-degree video on a flat surface.

A Green Dream

E-products consume on average 90% less energy & 85% less CO2 emissions per-participant, per-meeting compared to in-person meetings.

Meet At Your Place

Virtual Reality solutions are available on-demand, any time, any device, anywhere.

We Are Metaverse Architects

Our passion is to bringing your metaverse spaces to life.

The only limitation is your imagination. 

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It's one thing to hear about the amazing metaverse worlds, but it's another thing to experience them. Meet with one of our representatives to explore immersive spaces. No VR headset is required.

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